America Has Too Much Gun Control Essay

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When a person hears the word "gun," he or she usually associates the purposes and uses of a gun with crime-related issues and plots of terrorism because of modern culture. They are used for that purpose by some people, but those people do not represent all aspects of the relationship of firearms to society. In the United States, many laws have been passed in order to regulate the use of guns by certain individuals, along with the establishment of associations that specialize in the usage and handling of firearms. With the regulation of firearms passed by the government, guns has become an integral part of modern society, attributing atrocities such as homicide with them, but also providing a portable means of protection. The addition …show more content…
Under the United States Constitution, Article V, Amendment II, all people have the right to bear arms, allowing them to own a gun and use it, but the government believes some types of guns, such as automatic rifles, should not be accessible to people, violating the Constitution ("Gun Control"). On February 28, 1994, the "Brady Bill" was passed by congress to add more conditions on firearms by establishing a five-day waiting period to people purchasing a handgun in order to give enough time for a licensed dealer to conduct a background check on the customer (Agresti). Not only do customers have to wait additional days in order to receive their handguns for protection, but they are evaluated by a stranger to see if they are competent enough to do as much as even own a gun. Associations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been established in order to comply with government concerns of firearms by creating licenses for gun owners and teaching proper use of firearms. As of March 17, 2010, the National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legal Action has released news that House Bill 453 (HB453) and House Bill 542 (HB542) were released and have added the possibility of allowing the storage of firearms in specialized car compartments and increasing voting registration for people with hunting licenses or permits in order to promote pro-gun usage in society respectively. Gun control is a major

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