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Home of Incarceration The United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the caged. In 2008, it was reported that one out of every one hundred adults living in America are incarcerated in a jail or a prison (Pew). The City and County Jails and the Federal and State Prisons overcrowding problems are getting wildly close to crisis conditions. Statics show that by 2011 the inmate population in the United States will increase by a whopping thirteen percent, which are more than one million seven hundred thousand inmates that will be incarcerated in the United States (Statistics). This will not only cost the states that are housing these inmates more money, putting our state budgets in more debt, but will also cost
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Probation can be handed down as a sentence in lieu of jail time or in combination with some jail time. Probation is usually always handed down at the time of sentencing by a judge in court.
Parole is a condition set forth to allow an inmate to finish his or her prison sentence within the public. A parole board usually decides this. The parole board will look at the inmates records, his or her conduct while in prison (good behavior), and whether or not they believe this person will return to society without breaking any more laws. Like probation there will be stipulations handed down for the parolee to follow and will be supervised by a parole officer. During a poll taken on February 19, 2010, twenty five percent (three out of twelve) parole violators complained that the stipulations were too hard and not fair. One example of the complaints was that if there was any contact with the police that there was a chance that they could be violated. Contact could be as simple as being pulled over for speeding. The other seventy-five percent believed that the stipulations were fair and could be accomplished by anyone who really wanted to try (sentencing). Probation and parole are can be a great benefit to those who have committed crimes. This allows them to work and be home with their families, while still receiving some sort of punishment for their crimes. It can be harder to gain
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