America Is A Country Divided

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America is a country divided. With governmental shut-downs in Congress making more of an everyday occurrence, and presidential candidates representing a stark contrast of extremist opinions, now more than ever, we need to implore devices by which the discordant ills of this country may be remedied. Cohabitation seems to be the unintentional glue that fashions together democracy. It refers to the division and sharing of powers in a double executive which is composed of two people from two distinct political parties. French political systems had managed to survive a double executive 11 (Roskin 2016)shared by different factions, despite fears that such a combination could bring about grave political consequences. In 1986 when French Socialist President Mitterrand lost control of the National Assembly to the largest conservative party, the Neo-Gaullist, he called on party leader Jean Jacques Chirac to become premier and went along with Chirac’s cabinet choices and legislation and set a precedent for when the same situation occurred in 1993 and again in 1997 (Roskin 2016). So under what conditions will cohabitation occur in the United States executive? Most political scientist believes because of hyper partisanship, such an even would produce a dangerous crisis in public affairs. Some argue that such a combination is unlikely to occur at all. This research paper attempts to offer conditions by which having a president and a vice president of different political party’s might

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