America Is A Melting Pot

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I definitely disagree with the statement “America is a melting pot”. The melting pot theory is directly correlated to the term assimilation, which can be described as, “the process in which formerly distinct and separate groups come together to share a common culture and merge together socially.” Put a different way, assimilation is a practice in which an individual gives up his/her own culture to conform to the dominant culture, being the American culture. During the 19th and 20th centuries, people began immigrating to the Unites States from regions in Northern and Southern Europe which include groups such as Jews and Italians. By residing in the U.S they began to amalgamate into the melting pot, thereby adopting the American lifestyle.…show more content…
Lettuces, carrots or tomatoes are component of a salad that contribute to its flavor, but each ingredient also has its own unique flavor. The different ingredients of the salad epitomize the dissimilar cultures in The United States which includes the Italians, the Jews, the Amish, the Mexicans, the Whites, and the Middle Easterners etc. all of whom currently reside in the United States. All of these different cultures may integrate or adopt of some of the American culture like celebrating the fourth of July but still celebrate their own traditions like Hanukah. The salad bowl analogy can also be viewed geographically. Cities like New York, California or Texas are areas with high percentages of immigrant populations who are defying the assimilation theory without the fear of prosecution. Like a salad, one can choose which components to eat and what to take out, likewise one can choose to whether to assimilate or whether to be culturally pluralistic. America continues to be a salad bowl as more and more immigrants add their own flavor into the bowl. Each person is able to conserve their own individuality while contributing to the American culture. Being part of the salad bowl also means valuing and understanding the culture and values of each individual component. Becoming an “American” does not

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