America Is A Melting Pot

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America is a melting pot made up of people from many different races and ethnic backgrounds, so why are the American news broadcasters predominantly white men in their late forties? News represents the American society so therefore American broadcasters should reflect society as a whole. In addition, many people consider news anchors role models and it is important to see themselves represented and trust their news source. The lack of diversity among newscasters impacts the audience’s reception of the news. People are more likely to trust news sources that they relate to and identify with. Many people do not even notice the lack of diversity or understand the impact it has on society. There needs to be more of an effort to reflect diversity among our newscasters to correct the history of discrimination, to accurately reflect the audience and to provide role models and promote positive images.
The United States is called a “melting pot ” because the the varied groups of people that live in the country and interact every day, but the country also has an ugly history or discrimination against women and minorities. The broadcasting industry has been guilty of this discrimination. There has been blatant discrimination against women newscasters. “Women journalists initially had difficulty breaking into the broadcast news field and did not begin to make real strides towards equality until the 1960s and 1970s” ( Irvin) . This is very discouraging to young women interested in this
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