America Is A Nation of Immigrants Essay

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For over 300 years, various ethnic, cultural, and social groups have come to this country to seek economic opportunity, reunite with family members, and find a place where they can be free from political and religious persecution. I suspect a majority of American-born citizens believe that immigration is a bad thing in this country that is harmful. Those particular Americans believe that this country is being infested by foreigners who cannot even speak our own language. However, if one were to look at the truth behind these fallacies, he/she would see that immigration is beneficial to our country and should not be abandoned. Instead, it should be increased.

Approximately 800,000 immigrants enter the United States each year. Of
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Although many Americans think of immigration as illegal border hopping, there are people who actually do come here legally to improve their lifestyle or to be reunited with loved ones.

Many people who disapprove of immigration base their opinions on arguments that are purely fictitious. One such argument against immigration is that immigrants take away American jobs and are a drain on the U.S. economy. However, the only competition with immigrants is the skilled immigrants versus the skilled natives, and the unskilled immigrants versus the unskilled natives. Therefore, the person with the most skills deserves the job. If that person is an immigrant, then so be it. Obviously stated, the person who works the hardest and has the most knowledge gets the reward. Immigrants only hurt those who are less qualified. Another problem that comes up when talking about immigrants taking away jobs is that immigrants will work for less, so they are hired more often than are the natives who are seeking employment. Of course immigrants will work for a lower wage; they want to succeed in this country and in order to live a decent life, they need an income, and they best and most legal way to do such a thing is to work. If they cannot find employment elsewhere, they will settle for being paid lower wages. Instead of putting the blame on immigrants, people should look to the cause of the problem: the employers. It is not the immigrant’s
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