America Is Considered For It 's Freedom

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America is known for it’s freedom. Freedom to speak your opinion, freedom to practice any religion that you choose, and freedom to criticize the government. American’s are able to have the power or right to act, speak, or even think about almost anything they wanted to without restraint from the government or from other people. Migrants come to the United States to become free. To raise a family away from war torn cities or harsh governments. They come to America in hope of getting the chance to succeed in life and express themselves without anybody critiquing them. However America is not as free as it’s made out to be. American history has been filled with racism and discrimination against people’s race, religion, and social groups. From slavery and the civil rights movement to recent threats towards muslims. People judge other people by the things they wear, the color of their skin, or by the way they act. America is not free. America was never free. There was and is still discrimination against race, religion, and social groups. Americans were not equal and rights can differ between people and social classes and sadly it’s still happening today. It may be hard to digest or painful to hear but America is far from the freedom that it’s known for. First and foremost is discrimination. Discrimination is the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people based on their race, age, religion, or their mental capacity. Discrimination has been a big part of American
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