America Is Failing By The Declaration Of Independence

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America is failing. The very foundation and core beliefs that we hold so dear are a distant speck to our reality. This land is supposed to be rife with opportunities for success. But instead, most find themselves at a disadvantage from the beginning, and burdened by the weight of their expenses. Millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table, pay off debts from a higher education, afford healthcare for themselves and their family, and live comfortably. As proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence, don’t we all have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? So then, what is the answer? How do we assist our citizens and revive the American dream? Well, some argue that we need to alter the very fabric of our nation, through politics. Democratic socialism is a political and economic ideology that, as its namesake suggests, combines the key concepts of democracy and socialism. The word “socialist” evokes a feeling of panic and disgust in many Americans. It is often confused with communism, an ideology that has resulted in radical dictatorships in the past (such as the Soviet Union). Both are economic and political structures that seek to eliminate social class and promote equality. (1) But unlike communism, socialism does not seek to overthrow the capitalist institution and take away private property. Democratic socialism differs even more from communism. Democratic socialists believe that these changes can be made step by step within the existing
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