America Is Not America Without The People Of Color

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America is not America Without the People of Color
In reading through the works of Zora Neale Hurston, W. E. B. DuBois, and Booker T. Washington, I traveled back in time and felt the pain and suffering of the black folks from the past. The three authors completed their works to the best of their understanding, experiences, and chosen disposition to the matter. While the tones and messages of their works differed from one another, addressing various issues at specific levels of either favouring it or opposing it, Hurston, DuBois, and Washington brought to light a single message: respect the race that had endured so much from the past and yet survived the test of time – the race of African-Americans.
The three authors had their ways of describing the African-American race in their works. Their ways of writing reflected their personal techniques. Hurston’s approach was more on the artistic presentation of the issue. DuBois’ approach was historical and incorporated situated cognition in the process of presenting his arguments, relating the events to the present particularly in his academic exploration on the topic of social injustice and discrimination. Finally, Washington’s approach utilizes an autobiographical approach, which made the presentation more realistic to its audience. There were different intentions included in each author’s literary work. While Washington intended to inspire rather than provoke, DuBois’ aimed to introduce things, concept, and ideas, which were…
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