America Is Notorious For Its Junk Food

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America is infamous for its junk food. There are a vast variety of items of food that can be considered junk. For example, chips, candy, and cookies are all junk food due to their low nutritional value. In addition to chips, candy, and cookies, any kind of fast food can be considered junk food. Even though junk food is not nutritious, it does taste pleasant. Moreover, it requires little preparation, so it is effortless for people to consume it. Also, junk food is eaten because it relieves stress; it is commonly known as a feel-good food. Junk food is consumed in numerous amounts due to its taste, availability, and its stress relief, which can in turn lead to obesity. First of all, the taste of junk food lures people. High levels of sodium and sugar are contained in junk food, and people tend to crave salts and sugars. Due to the salt and sugar cravings, people instantly choose junk food over nutritional foods. Any chip is a crunchy, salty delight with a possible hint of cheese. Furthermore, the taste of hot fudge on top of creamy, vanilla ice cream is too delicious to turn down. Also, the scent of junk food causes people to eat more of it. The aroma of creamy, hot cheese on the side of nachos will send anyone overboard. The scent and taste cause a craving for junk food like no other. In addition to the taste, the availability of junk food leads to its consumption. To prepare it, little effort is required because most of the time, only a bag has to be opened, or the food
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