America Is Responsible For Transcending The Way Government Functions

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The United States of America is responsible for transcending the way government functions. The idea that people have certain inalienable rights that are God given was revolutionary thinking for the era of the founding fathers. There have been many instances throughout American history where we have failed to live up to the founding principles from the Declaration of Independence, of: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness— for all our citizens— but we have also had many moments of inspiration in being trailblazers for freedom when we have lived up to those principles. The founding fathers themselves were flawed as all people are, but it is their system of checks and balances that has been instrumental in deterring any of the three branches government from growing too powerful. They understood that men/women with an unchecked amount of power is dangerous to humanity. Also, they realized that they themselves could not adequately anticipate all events or obstacles in the nations future, and thus, they must have a clause deemed legally capable for change to antiquated portions of the constitution in the form of amendments. There have been over 10,000 proposed amendments to the constitution but only 27 ratified. This leads me to wonder " What are some proposed amendments that I might support?" and, " What are some amendments that I would propose?" The Equal Rights Amendment is at the top of my list for proposed amendments that I support. Unfortunately, this amendment
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