America Is The Great Melting Pot

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America is the "great Melting Pot". From an early age every "American" is taught that America contains a mixture of the world 's cultures in a perfectly blended mixture. We honor and respect all cultures and invite them to bring their customs here to the United States. But do we really? Take for instance, the Hmong refugees who involuntarily moved to America. Cultural Assimilation seemed to be forced down the refugees throats. Keeping their native customs was looked on with horror and disgust.
Cultural Assimilation is the process in which a person 's and or groups ' culture comes to resemble that of another group. When most immigrants come to the Untied States they are heavily advised to take up English as their first language. You are advised to learn all about our government, how to drive, and the value of individualism. The idea of the Great Melting Pot is completely ironic to me. It gives the impression that we are all one big mixture of cultures. In reality the melting pot spreads thin all other cultures, but the American culture. Other cultures seem to be lost and assimilated into American ideologies and cultures. Cultural Assimilation for refugees and others, such as the Hmong can be incredibly difficult and life threatening. Take the Lee Family, for example. The Lee family arrived in the United States on December 18th in 1980. They left their country seeking political asylum and ended up in the U.S. They experiences first hand how different life

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