America Needs An Equal Opportunity For People Living Under Poverty Line

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In America, people think that all thing is possible for everyone as long as we try hard enough to work for it because the American dream is the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. That is not necessarily true for people who live under poverty line. There are a lot of people who live under the poverty line in the United States. Poverty is not having enough resources such as financial, mental, spiritual, physical, support systems and lack of knowledge. Rich and wealthy people are a privilege to have all that. Poverty is not a choice but it is an identifier that someone born into and influences the future generation. All people want to have all the resources but some people cannot and it is because where they come from and it is what makes them different from others. There are people who born in single parents it is their life. One that cause poverty is the increase in single parent due to either divorce of children being born outside of marriage. If this happens, children don’t have enough care through as they grow up and they don’t know enough like other children. They may work hard and have a better person than their parent but there is more possibility that they will end up like their parents because adult has so much influence in children life. The people they saw every day and learned from is family because they live together. Children behavior and life are…
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