America Needs Better Funding For The Safety Net Programs

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America, where the famous so-called “American Dream” was born, used to be the most influential nation in the world economy. However, since the Second World War, America’s economy has been in a free-fall. The “American Dream” is now only a remnant of long lost heydays. The reason why America has gotten to this dreadful situation may lie in the path that its government chose to develop. For instance, the truly needy do not have enough support from the Social Safety Net programs to get out of poverty: the tax systems should be progressive instead of regressive; wages and benefits are not equally allocated among the workers and the bosses, and there has been no attention to the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure for a very long time. In order to alter the unpleasant-big-picture of poverty and inequality, America needs better funding for the safety net programs, restructuring of the tax system, adjusting wages and benefits for both employers and employees so they can maintain their jobs and pay their bills, and ensuring that the federal government pay more attention to the development of infrastructure along the way.
First things first, the safety net programs matter because they are a slew of projects that prevent the poor from falling below a certain poverty level. Safety net programs can be provided by public sector (state or aid donors), or private sector (non-governmental organizations, private firms, charities, or unofficial household transfer). The programs

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