Essay on America Needs Gun Education, Not Gun Control Laws

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Gun crime in America has become a big issue. We are barraged by news outlets with story after story showing the wide use of guns in horrific and tragic crimes. These crimes all too often end in single if not multiple deaths. Politicians and law makers are constantly trying to find ways to reduce these crimes and keep the public safe. Unfortunately their ideas or methods involve some measure meant at reducing or eliminating the public’s access to guns. This method only infringes on the basic and most significant of all American rights, the right to keep and bear arms, as defined in the second amendment. It also takes guns from honest law abiding citizens and puts them in the hands of the criminals committing these crimes. The only …show more content…
The need for the 2nd amendment can be seen, in part, when we understand the Declaration of Independence. The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to declare the peoples independence from Great Britain. At the time it was authored, the colonies were in the process of dissolving their relationship with Britain, due to the tyrannical rule of the monarch. The people felt that under British rule the unalienable right and freedoms, granted them by the creator, were being suppressed. To regain these rights and freedoms they went to war. This was possible due to the fact they all owned a gun. This gun ownership allowed the 13 colonies to fight against a tyrannical government and regain, what they saw as god given, their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As these events are taught an understanding will be gained as to why we have the right to own guns, and why our founding father thought is so important to have this right. Protecting ourselves from tyrannical governments is only part of gun ownership. There is also a right and need to protect our families and possessions from criminals. Today, more so than ever, we have a great need to protect our families and property from those who wish to take it away or do us harm. A lot of the public is unaware of the crimes being committed on a daily basis. They are even more unaware of how many crimes are
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