America Needs High School Incentive Programs To Help Students Pay College Expenses

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Throughout the lives of individuals, everyone imagines the dream job or the job that is going to make the most money. Most of these jobs need to make it so a higher education like college is needed to be able to even make it in the field. College is not by any means cheap, depending on what college is chosen, yes it can be less money but it is still thousands of dollars by the time the degree is earned. Many people that want to go to college cannot afford it, therefore cannot reach the dream job. In order to make college accessible to those who are truly deserving, incentive programs such as offering financial stipends which can be earned through academic success in high school need to be offered. Whoever goes to college after high…show more content…
This is only one thing students have to pay when going to college. Books and supplies are another expense which can add up quickly because the books the professors require students to buy are very expensive. Room and board is also very pricey, most of the time the colleges and universities offer everything from the bed, to bathrooms and study areas for students. Transportation cost can also rack up if the student lives off campus. Even if the student does live on campus, some colleges allow cars and the students end up using them a lot for shopping or doing activities outside of college. In the article “State Financial Policies and College Student Persistence: A National Study”, Rong Chen and Edward P. St. John state that, “State governments play an important role in American higher education through the direct subsidy of public institutions. Over the last half-century, however, state funding of higher education has undergone significant changes. Traditionally, state funds for higher education were mostly allocated to public institutions to maintain low tuition for students and to promote equal access”. In the past, the government assisted in paying for a higher education. Equal access is what everyone wants to have because people that do not have a steady flow of income or have a small amount of income can still go to college and maybe get a better job than working a mill for a lifetime. The fact that

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