America Needs More Government Programs to Pull Children Out of Poverty

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The face of poverty is changing in the United States. When someone mentions that a person is living in poverty, we are inclined to think of a bum living on the street, eating at shelters, and using whatever money they have for alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Usually we visualize this person as being a middle-aged male with drab clothing and a long beard. This description may have fit the average person living in poverty or on the street a few years ago, but it is no longer a correct generalization. Children are the face of poverty in 2015. These children have little chance to rise up out of the lifestyle they are born into. Many of these children are born to teenage girls. The economic states of these mothers and their lifestyles many times …show more content…
Some people are born into stable families, so they have m ore opportunities than those that are born into poverty. No matter how people feel toward the choices that the parents made, we can't hold this against the child.

One other thing society canít do is simply hand out money or food stamps to the families of these children. Who knows where this money is going or what it is being used for? The food stamps could be intended to feed a baby, but instead they could be used to buy food or items that a child will never see. It is also all to common for parents living in poverty or on the streets to use what money they get for alcohol or cigarettes. Instead of handing out money to these people, they should be put i n treatment programs that could help them fight their addictions. This would be of great benefit to their children now and in the future. Not all mothers and fathers in need of assistance are going to be irresponsible with what they are given, but we ca n not take the chance of having the money wasted and the children neglected. Who wants the money that they worked for going to someone else, so that person does not have to work, yet still gets paid regularly just because they had a baby when they were n ot ready? As I stated before, not all parents living in poverty are irresponsible and many have legitimate reasons for being where they are. But because there are people who will take advantage of the system, we need to watch out for the children of tho se
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