America Needs More Gun Control

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English 3

When I was seven years old, my aunt and I were walking to the corner store. A man walked up to us. He pulled out a knife and held it to my aunt’s throat and yelled, “Give me the money.” She pulled out her gun from her back pocket and shot him in the toe. She didn’t kill him, but she prevented herself from getting killed. That gun saved her life and my life. You never know when something bad might happen. It could come out at any time, any day, anywhere. If my aunt hadn’t been allowed to carry that gun, we both might not be alive today. Even though some people believe America needs more gun control, this country needs less gun control because people need a way to protect themselves, it violates the Second Amendment and there are already a lot of rules and regulations about firearms. Gun safety has been discussed in regards to people owning and using, One in three Americans owns a gun (Fox 2015). In this research paper, we will discuss the pros and cons of gun ownership in the U.S. Gun control is and always will be a very important issue in this country. There are people who believe that Americans should not own guns at all. They think our country would be better without them. Many people feel that a gun-free country would be safer. Guns helped form this country, and they still help protect this country today. People say that our crime rate would go down if there were no guns with which to commit crimes. Do guns keep people safe?…
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