America Needs More Public Transportation Essay

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America Needs More Public Transportation

Automobiles play a major role in today's society. Almost every American owns at least one motorized transportation vehicle. Some say they make our lives better by reaching places faster than before. Others say they are a harmful to the environment. Have they made our society better or worse? They may be fast, but do we as humans want our environment to suffer because of time. Face it, cars pollute. And they release destructive chemicals into the air. Air pollution can threaten the health of many subjects in the environment including human beings.

Pollution is a major problem for all of us. People need to recognize this situation so we can start making a difference to this problem. In order …show more content…

This would then decrease air pollution.

There are many forms of public transportation such as: buses, trains, airplanes, trolleys, subways, and many more. Today these transits are not as widely used as they need to be in some areas, in my opinion. Of course they are the preferred method of travel inside urban areas; the American Public Transportation Association shows this data when they listed in 1999 the top thirty-five largest transit agencies. As seen, they are all major or larger metropolitan areas such as: New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL (10/3, Rural areas need these wonderful services just as often too. People in these settings drive farther to reach their destinations so therefore they drive just as much as in major cities but have more driving time. So therefore air pollution needs to be taken care of everywhere, not just in metropolitan areas.

Fifty cents of the gasoline tax dollar increase will go towards making the public transit system more feasible to people. This includes more bus stop locations, more arrival and departure times, more accessible train and airplane facilities, and increased safety precautions. Cheaper fares would also be a good means to increase the use of public transportation. In Huntsville, Alabama where the town is trying to have an efficient city system and is doing well at it, the tourist trolley fare is one dollar per trip and two

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