America Needs More Public Transportation

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The more modern life, the higher traveling. One country cannot develop without traveling. Thus, governments should give more money, and policies to improve the quality of streets, roads, highways and besides, governments have to increase more public transportation such as buses, trains, subways.. to service the needs of traveling.

Rich and developed countries always have many beautiful streets, roads, many big highways. Those are the main role of developing countries' economy. A lot of policies about building new streets, enlarging roads is always an important and necessary thing, because without them, trading things and products, doing business cannot be worked. Therefore, governments have to give right policies like fixing streets and roads every year, building more overpasses, applying some new laws for traveling in order to decrease congestion traffic.
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Some families have two or three cars, or even one person has two or three cars. The air is polluted because of too much gasoline that people use every day. In order to protect our environment, people should use public transportation instead of using cars. This way not only decrease a pollution but also it can decrease traffic jams in the high
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