America Needs To Support The Needs of the Poor Essay

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In America, there are many people who face the horrors of foreclosure and possible homelessness. Not always it is the fault of the homeowner, but the fault of the surrounding situations, inflation, recession, and unexpected circumstances. The fact is that the general public doesn’t care. In fact, many have bumper stickers that read “the only good welfare system is a job,” with the face of Ronald Reagan on the side. If this were true, then those who are homeless but have jobs are just punishing themselves. The fact is this: America is based on an economy that profits from the poor and unlucky. This system has obviously worked otherwise the American economic system would have changed. Even if America has a debt more than $12 trillion,…show more content…
I have had friends who told me that the welfare system of today just doesn’t work and that America should not have it anymore. I often keep quiet about it because they are too ignorant and that they do not understand. The welfare system is damaged, but rather than rid of it, it should be improved. I am one of those people who doesn’t mind giving up time, energy, and (if I had it) money to help those who cannot help themselves. It isn’t the fault of the American people that they don’t know or understand the harsh realities of living in this nation, but it is the fault of education, the government, and the media for not exposing the realities obviously enough for even simpletons to understand. The proposal of a program to help those who face foreclosure is not a handout, but a boost. A nation should be judged by how it treats the lowest of its citizens. To help combat the fear of foreclosure, there should be in place a program that helps those who are in the danger of foreclosure to have a second option. A program that helps transplant people and families into another building or home that would be cheaper or affordable for them. At the same time as helping them find a place, help them move, and help them find a job (if unemployed) to make them independent once again. A possible problem with this program is that it will be costly. Many Americans will not
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