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(Man lies down on couch. Silence. Man begins to talk to Doc, the assumed analyst behind the desk, his chair is facing away from the man and can not be seen. His actual presence is ambiguous. A huge American Flag hangs down from ceiling. The window is left open, so the flag ripples in the wind. The day is hot. The Devil Winds are blowing off the Mojave Desert.)

History is fabrication. History is betrayal.

“What passes for identity in America is a series of myths about one’s heroic ancestors."

America and Me

(1) History is fabrication, coated with honey, and bubbled from all evil, in order to make life worth living. American History is no exemption. Our history books contain heroes. Men and women
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I believe her. Days later I hear the same rumor from a different pair of lips. I question my girlfriend again. She once again tells me the same story. “A bolt of lightening whacks me!” It does not matter what she says. She has lied to me once; she will lie to me twice, and forever. I ended it. To this day, I have said no more than a “hi” to her. I was going to marry this girl? Now I can not stand her beastly face.

(3) I am sixteen. I am in tenth grade and in history class forming a relationship with America and her past. This relationship has been going on since my birth. I think I know her. We have lived together for sixteen years. I am in college now, twenty-one years old. I have found out my America has lied to me. America has lied to me more than anyone one in my life. How can I ever trust her again? I do not. I end our relationship. To this day, I have said no more than “hi” to her.

(Man speaks to the audience.)

(4) For the rest of my life, America and I are in therapy. Our analyst keeps asking the same questions of America: Why do you feel the need to fabricate? Why did you feel you have to lie? Why do you grasp the good and forget the bad. America answers with continued lies. So I am alone. The rest of our marriage I will constantly try to figure out why America needs heroes. But most of the time I would prefer to say only “hi” and go about my way. I do not want to fight for answers.

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