America Places A Heavy Emphasis On The Crime Of Stealing

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America places a heavy emphasis on the crime of stealing. Starting at a young age individuals are taught that taking things that don’t belong to you is wrong. Once these children enter academic institutions, they learn that stealing does not just mean taking material objects, such as your friends Go-Gurt, or candy from the corner store, it also applies to idea and thoughts. In other words, intellectual property. Crimes involving intellectual property include, plagiarism, cheating on an exam, and submitting work that is not your own. Academic institutions have waged war on academic dishonesty through several methods, but the main combative tool they use is an honor code. These honor codes act as contracts that students agree to, acknowledging that they will be academically honest, not receive unauthorized aid, and so forth. These honor codes vary from institution to institution. The Honor Code in use at Hofstra University is a prime example of a classic honor code. However, to demonstrate the differences between honor codes we will also analyze the honor codes in effect at The State University of New York (SUNY) and University of Colorado Boulder (UC Boulder). The Hofstra University Honor Code appears to be short, but upon reading, covers most of the issues involved with academic integrity. As a member of the Hofstra community, I pledge to demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of my life, both inside and out of the classroom. I understand that I am

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