America Should Be Illegal Essay

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There are many people that have crossed the border into the united states knowing that they break immigration laws. Their motives are serious enough that they flee from their home countries because they fear for their lives. When they come to the US they don't want to harm anybody but get far in life like anybody in the US. There are people who have children and come to the US so that their children can surpass their own education and succeed in life. Many of these people chase the “American Dream”. The same dream the persecuted pilgrims fled Great Britain. When those pilgrims came to north america they had been granted that freedom. When Great Britain wanted to enforce regulations that took those freedoms away a war was fought and the birth of a nation succeeded. Great things can happen when people fight for freedom. Many people are fighting for DACA. However it is not fought with the Barrel of a gun or weapons of mass destruction. The freedom of choosing any career in life and not having to look else where just because of missing nine digit number that declares you born citizen. The battle is being fought with words. Words spoken from the hearts of many students parents teachers and…show more content…
In the state of missouri, Legislation act HB-3 mandates that all DACA students must pay out of state tuition. This regardless if they even have resided in Missouri all their lives. This only raises another obstacle for DACA students. When legislation like HB-3 is passed people who could better their community with college education are deterred they turn to work in jobs not careers. Legislation like HB-3 make students options for a college education more difficult. If a student plans for a four year university they will end up paying a lot more due to only being DACA. Not only will they pay more but they will not be eligible for scholarships nor federal
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