America Should Not Be Allowed Since World War I

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As Peter Schmidt of the chronicle says, legacies originated after World War I to support the immigrant students, particularly Jews. When it became harder to control Jewish enrollment, in 1920’s most respected universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton considered legacy status. Since then it has raised the concerns for lower class families who did not attend good universities and their children wanted to attend but ended up not getting admission. In 2003, Senator Edward Kennedy sought legislation to compel colleges to make public their data on legacy admissions. It didn’t pass due to higher education’s powerful lobbying. Legacy admission should not be allowed since it promotes discrimination, lowers academic competition, should not affect alumni donating to their universities and as well as their academic performance. Many colleges ask applicants if they have a parent or grandparent who went to the school. The student’s answer is often the difference between acceptance and rejection. Legacy admission is a custom which is a type of discrimination based on ancestors. Admissions to any college should be based on merit, unlike in many American ivy colleges. Giving special privileges to a group of students based on where their parents went to college makes no sense. Ladewski comments that at selective universities, children of alumni make 10%-25% of the student body. By contrast institutions who do not prefer legacy status, only 1.5% are children of…

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