America Still Divided : Racism And Discrimination

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Brooke Parker Soc206 April 30, 2015 Final/Research Paper America Still Divided Racism and discrimination inequalities have become a major discussion throughout the years in our society. Inequalities has impacted every level of humanity on this earth. Education, tolerance and acceptance can be used to challenge one another in attempt to change the negative traditions that continue to exist in our culture. Racism and discrimination inequalities continues to be passed from generation to generation. When I read this quote, I had to laugh out loud, “America having elected an African American president twice is proof that racism is over in this country” (McWhorter). We can also assume it is our “All American” requirement to continue to place racism and discrimination at the top of all news stories and struggle to find answers for the poor minorities when in fact this is our country’s habit. These are the ideas of some American who don’t see the racism of western society and its discriminatory practices are allowed by stereotypes, prejudices and ideologies. These practices are not only reproduced in Caucasians but in all races verbally and non-verbally. In addition, as this country continues to grow and strive and traditions are passed from one generation to another, the racial inequalities will continue to pass as well unless we can make the necessary changes. My data collection consisted of three males, two females and ages from 19-60. The race categories

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