America, The Land Of Opportunity

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Henry Schineller Carlucci American Literature (B3) 23 May, 2016 Forty Two America, the land of opportunity. A majestic land where barriers are broken and dreams are made into reality. A land where anything is possible with hard work and determination. One may ask what makes a place this possible. The answer to that question is the people. Americans have a certain way about them that makes them different from any other people on earth. All Americans are heroes in some way, but a select few stand out in history as the most influential. One such individual is Jackie Robinson. Robinson redefined racial stereotypes by becoming the first African American baseball player to play Major League Baseball (The Baseball Hall of Fame). Through his courage, determination, and perseverance, his legacy still continues to this date. One could argue numerous reasons that constitute Jackie Robinson as an American hero, but four stand out among the rest. Those reasons being that he fought for what he believed was right, overcame adversity, conquered many athletic feats, and had a lasting legacy. For these reasons Jackie Robinson truly embodies an American hero. The definition of a hero is: "a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities" (Merriam Webster). An American hero is someone who, yes follows this definition, but completes it in a way that furthers America as a nation. A true American hero leaves a lasting impression that will be remembered for generations to
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