America: The Land of Opportunities

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America: The Land of Opportunities In modern day society, a college degree leads to people making specific assumptions about an individual’s capabilities, which proceed to shape social generalizations that may assist or inhibit the success of an individual in the economic system or job market. Universal standards form throughout the job market as a result of those assumptions made about students who attend college that may not encourage a full understanding of an individual’s ability to perform his duties. The assumptions made about a college education demonstrate the general principles of reductionism, in which people follow a logical approach according to his observations. As reductionists correlate the type of college degree to an…show more content…
Within the social view of universities, society implies that an individual has a certain level of training or knowledge after graduating from a university. However, institutionalized learning does not act as the sole way to attain knowledge or skills. If individuals simply sought out education, then why would they even consider attending college, particularly in the United States because of the incredibly high tuition? People could read or teach themselves through more efficient and less costly measures, but they continue to attend colleges and pay an increasingly larger sum as the caliber of the university improves. With the assumptions made about individuals that attend specific schools, a demand is created within the education system itself. These social norms push students to try to pursue an image that a university will create for them in the job market, which will impart a series of opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to those who did not attend college. Seth’s father condemns his actions partly because, as an important figure in society, he understands the necessity of following the general tracking system. For example, Mount Holyoke urges its students to use the networking available, which will increase demand because of its more alluring image. The networking process automatically assumes a level of competence and within that system they use being accepted into the college and the
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