America Under The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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Daniel Sanders
Mr. Nelson
AP US History
Founding a Nation, 1783-1789
- The founding of the new nation brought along much promise, however, it was going to be difficult for the United States to bring together its diverse population and keep control of its vast amounts of land while simultaneously trying to create a new nation.

I. America Under the Constitution A. The Articles of Confederation
1. The first ratified Constitution of the United States was the Articles of Confederation, drafted by Congress in 1777 and ratified by the states four years later.
a) The main idea of the Articles was to protect liberty, and therefore it turned out to be more of a treaty for mutual defense rather than a plan for a common government.
b) The original form of government consisted of a one-house Congress, in which each state had one vote despite various populations. There was no president or judicial branch to balance out the power.
(1) To pass a law, nine states were required rather than more than half.
c) The only powers that were directly granted to the federal government were those directly linked to independence such as declaring war and foreign affairs.
d) The amendment of the articles needed a unanimous vote by the states. The Articles were disbanded by 1788.
e) The articles were only able to be ratified after the land-rich states gave over their claims to the central government. B. Congress and the West
1. Establishing rules for the establishment of colonies westward
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