America Vote Act ( Hava )

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I was surprised to discover that voter identification began in 1950 when South Carolina became the first state to request some form of identification from voters at the polling precincts. Then Hawaii followed in 1970, Texas in 1971, Florida in 1977, and Alaska in 1980. Some of them asked for an ID with a photo, while others asked for any type of document with or without a photo; all provided other means for people to vote if they couldn 't present identification. By 2000, fourteen states were asking for voter identification documents ("Voter ID"). That year, we had a highly disputed presidential election. Following its outcome, the United States Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2002, which ushered in comprehensive election reform. Under the law, states are required to follow mandatory minimum standards that included implementing new programs and procedures such as provisional voting; voting information and voter education; upgraded, tested and certified voting technology; statewide voter registration list; voter identification procedures; and an improved election administration system ("Help America Vote Act"). The Commission on Federal Election Reform advocated similar propositions in their 2005 report (69-70). Consequently, voter ID laws were enacted around the country. The laws require eligible voters to produce government-issued identification before casting a countable ballot at the polls. Voter identification, categorized between strict and…
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