America Vs Ziegler

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After reading this case of the United States of America vs Ziegler, I did not see in any way that the government, violated Mr. Ziegler’s constitutional rights as an employee. No matter what state that you live in Child Pornography is a crime, and Ziegler was guilty of watching child porn on a work server and also while he was at work. In the case reading, it clearly states that “all the computers in the work place were the property of the employer and that the employer was able to monitor the employee’s activity internet activity” (Walsh, 2013). When Ziegler went into these particular websites he knew that he was breaking the company policy and he also knew that it would be consequences for his action as an employee (Walsh, 2013).…show more content…
In this case child pornography is a criminal act; the company should have taken the time to block all unrelated work websites. Cyber-crime is criminal activity and a criminal act that involves the Internet, computer system or the use of computer technology. Crimes may consist of identity theft, theft of corporate funds, destruction of personal identifiable information and child pornography (Hewes, 2016). However, this case I am concerned about what would have happen if Ziegler had been on an adult porn site, would things have been handled differently? I think that the organization would have disciplined Ziegler and the punishment would have been less severe. I also agree that some acts are worse than other in the work place, but the employer should provide a policy that will protect the company and the employee.
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