America an Apostle for Justice and a Combatant of Terrorism

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They are seen as defenders of the weak. They will go to battle with all that stands in the way of their core values. A white-knight in shining armor to slay the evil dragon that wreaks havoc on the global village. That idea lives in fairy tales and the imagination. The real reasons seem to be either denied or hidden away from the public, their judgement clouded with nationalism and chauvinism. American citizens often treat war as a sporting event, believing they are going to war with the only objective being to win, and forgetting objectives consistent with their nation’s own self-interest. Nations do go to war, but structured war objectives are usually limited to a nationʼs foreign and economic policy and the objectives then stem from self-interest. Nations go to war to gain territory, protect markets, or to gain resources, not just to triumph villainous forces.

World War 1: Summary: A bloody war that engulfed all of central Europe as well as the interior effect it had on American people. To put the size of this war in perspective it was deemed “The War to End All Wars”. Starting in 1914 and spanning to 1919 Americas involvement isn’t until 1917. The war itself was inevitable but the spark that set Europe ablaze was the assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.The assassination occurred in the province of Austro-Hungarian…

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