America and Sadam Hussein's Regime

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All over the world there are conflicts arising. America has had many conflicts over time some were devastating and others were successful. One conflict America had was Iraq, this stemmed from America having a problem with Saddam Hussein’s Regime. Overtime the civilizations clashed and in October of 2002 congress authorized Iraq war and President Bush announced joint resolution which authorized the use of force against Iraq. From here troops were sent over to Iraq and the war began. After Several battles and lost soldiers things started to look better for America. Hussein’s Regime toppled and even the people of his country felt free. Even though the worst part was over it took a while before all of American troops left Iraq. October 2, 2002 President George W. Bush announced the Joint Resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq. A Joint Resolution is defined as US State Senate (2013) “a legislative measure, designated "S. J. Res." and numbered consecutively upon introduction, which requires the approval of both chambers and, with one exception, is submitted (just as a bill) to the president for possible signature into law. The one exception is that joint resolutions (and not bills) are used to propose constitutional amendments. These resolutions require a two-thirds affirmative vote in each house but are not submitted to the president; they become effective when ratified by three-quarters of the States” ( Later President Bush signed a bill in

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