America as a Divided Society in the 1920s Essay

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America as a Divided Society in the 1920s America was born from immigrants and during the 1920's it was called a 'melting pot' due to the increase in social, political and economic differences from all these new races. During the 1920's, America went through a number of test cases to determine to what extent America was divided. It was obvious that America was gong through some changes as it had just emerged from the Great War as the world's leading superpower. Although there were an immense amount of change in all aspects of society-socially, politically and economically-there was evidence that America did want to be united. These encompassed Prohibition. The first test case America went through…show more content…
It was the idea that by working hard, they would be able to amass a fortune, just like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. This dream sent millions of people over the ocean to the 'land of the free'. America also wanted to be the 'land of the free' with its constitution which allowed everyone to be able to speak freely, pray freely and have press without censorship. Also there was the idea of everyone entitled to a fair trial and that everyone was allowed their rights no matter what their race was. The unity spread still to the way the country was governed. Although there were separate state laws, there were the federal laws which al states had to adhere to, showing signs of unity. During all these changes, America did want to remain united and there was evidence that the country wanted to improve with prohibition. This was due to a resurgence of fundamentalism and there were nay big groups backed by rich empire leaders who fought for Prohibition. These were the Anti-Saloon League and the Women's Christian Temperance union which all fought or Prohibition and backed political candidates that were 'dry' so pushing the idea of prohibition. They also came up with the ideas that there was a crime wave due to alcohol and that it was corrupting the youth. Also that men became men aggressive and that saloons were

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