America as the New Rome Essay

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America as the New Rome In World Cultures my freshman year, we learned about the zeitgeist theory. This theory says that as a culture passes from the dominant world culture to a subsidiary culture, they pass on their knowledge and glory to their successor. Zeitgeist is actually a German term, meaning “time ghost,” signifying that the ghost, or soul, of a culture is passed through time. Currently, America is the dominant culture in the world, and more and more we are noticing the soul of Rome popping up in our day to day lives. To get to the root of this phenomenon, we should look at our roots; the way in which this country was founded. Pilgrims left their homelands in search of a free land, one where they could escape the rule…show more content…
In both World War II and in the Second Punic war, the enemy made a fatal mistake that cost them the war. Germany failed to invade Britain and Hannibal failed to invade Rome. Both failed actions allowed for a victory for their opponents and solidified the victor’s seat of power. As for the similarities in the lifestyles of Romans and Americans, there is quite a list. Romans loved their sports, and Americans certainly love their sports. The Romans are famous for their blood lust in sports, exemplified by the gladiators and other Colosseum events, whereas Americans seem to prefer football and wrestling. However, the basics are the same. When it comes time for the event, the crowds flock to the stadiums, filling the stands, and watch on with great enthusiasm and the players are heralded as heroes in their prime. The stadiums themselves are almost the same in design, even to the retractable roof. People are saying that with time, Americans are needing more and more stimulus, which is why baseball has been overcome by football as the sport of choice, and why in more recent years so-called extreme sports are on the rise. It is no doubt that in time, Americans may revert to Roman tendencies and use death and violence as entertainment. Entertainment is central to both cultures. Rome had its theaters, whereas America has Hollywood and Broadway. On a more primal level, both societies have a constant presence of sex surrounding

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