America is known for being a melting pot of cultures throughout the world that came together in our

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America is known for being a melting pot of cultures throughout the world that came together in our society in a quest for freedoms that may not have existed in other countries of the world. Migration into America has occurred throughout its existence as a country, but movements from specific parts of the world have come in waves over time. As those groups came into America, they have brought their own ideas, religions, social customs and way of living with them. As America has become more multicultural, the views on the use of certain stereotypes, racial language and references to characteristics of a certain group of people have changed. This raises interesting discussion points that people should have so that we can understand each…show more content…
When I thought about it further, though, I could see how it could be offensive because it obviously was based on the color of a person’s skin. I do not believe that my acceptance of this team name, and most of America’s acceptance for so long was because I wanted to offend Native Americans or because I did not like that group. In fact, I got the feeling that that logo showed a proud and brave person from our past. Though Native Americans are not immigrants, I use this example to show that acceptance of an obviously racially charged nickname can be caused by a lot of factors and not all of those are meant to hurt others. But it does point out how deep “traditions” can run in our society, which also can mean that groups coming into America from other parts of the world can be viewed as weird, strange or even bad based merely on differences in how they live and what they believe. As new groups try to “melt” into our society it is likely to be very hard because their presence can be regarded as threatening or even scary because they are different. The Washington Redskins name has been particularly controversial and President Obama weighed in on the issue early in this past NFL season. He voiced his concern that the legitimate concerns might outweigh attachment of the fans to the name. He also said that if he were the owner of the team, he would consider changing the name. The owner, Dan Snyder, quickly
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