America 's A Hip Replacement Procedure

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In America a hip replacement procedure will run the average American $40,384. The next closest country, Australia, will charge only $27,810 for the same surgery. An MRI can cost an American up to $2,871 while in South Africa the same test will only run $1,072, and that is the second highest cost of the procedure in the world behind the United States. One single day in an American hospital can run up an average bill of $4,287 which is more than the next four closest countries (Australia $1,472; New Zealand $979; Chile $964; France $853) combined. Americans spend close to 17.6% of their total GDP on healthcare while the worldwide average is a measly 9.5%. As a modern nation and a leader in healthcare technologies and practices why are American hospitals so much more expensive than our global rivals? Typically new cutting edge technologies end up reducing costs rather than increasing them yet healthcare costs continue to steadily rise. One thought would be the socialized medicine programs located in such countries as Great Britain keep costs low. While true, this theory ignores many of the underlying problems already present in America that are directly resulting in through the roof health care costs. The healthcare question is a complex one that is not simply answered by solving one part of the problem. So what are some of these questions that need answering or problems that need solving? To begin hospitals are a functioning business, it takes money to operate a
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