America 's Affordable Childcare Or Early Education For Children

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Sanders For President “Every working family in America knows how hard it is today to find affordable childcare or early education for children.” - Bernie Sanders. This quote is just one reason why Bernie is an amazing choice to be president. it shows how much he cares about how American children do not get the education they need, or how hard it is for the people to even afford health care. These two ideas need to be mandatory for a better nation. Bernie has the answer in this day and age to help the people of America with the problem of poverty and many more problems. These solutions make him the best candidate for the next president of the united states Well, who is Bernie Sanders? Sanders is a 74-year-old senator from Vermont from…show more content…
“At rallies in Vermont and across the country this weekend, our message was clear. We are not going back. Not only are we not going to retreat on women’s rights, we are going to expand on them. We are going forward not backwards.”-Bernie Sanders. Sanders wants to expand on the issue at hand and fix these issues to help the women of the nation. Sanders is very pro-choice, meaning that he thinks the women should be able to choose if they want an abortion or not. That it should be between the doctor and the pregnant women. He also is going to help with full access to birth control to women. Sanders is also going to help women of relationship abuse. He is tired of women not being able to find a safe place from domestic violence, and how some states passed a law where it is a family problem and not abuse. Another thing that Sanders is trying to help on women 's rights is; equal pay. He is pro-Paycheck Fairness Act where men and women will be paid the same amount for the same job. Thinking it is unfair that the women get paid 79 cents less than a man working the same job. (Sanders) Another reason why he as an elite fan base is: a debt-free college. Sanders will attempt to make college and university free across the nation. This will help our nation in the competitive global economy. He will stop the federal government from leeching money off stupid loans. he says “it is morally wrong and it hurts the economy.” The money he gets he will instead
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