America 's Armed Forces : Behind The Scenes

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America’s Armed Forces: Behind the Scenes
Millions of Americans support the Armed Forces, however, they do not know about the struggles that service members and their families must undergo. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), deployment, sexual preference, and a fragmented education are some of the innumerable problems that they must take up. However, there are several organizations that subsidize service members, their families, and veterans. These organizations are the light in the dark; they can offer anything from health care to a college education. PTSD, or post-traumatic-stress-disorder, is a psychological condition that several military veterans receive over the course of their military career (opposing viewpoints in context: PTSD). PTSD occurs when a human mind encounters numerous near-death or high-tension situations. An example of a near-death experience could be an explosion in a person’s proximity or a fatal injury. An example of a high-tension situation could be defusing a bomb or being in a delicate procedure where a mistake could mean death.
PTSD has varying degrees of effect. A patient with mild PTSD may have minor vexations, while a patient with severe PTSD may have serious mental disorders (“PTSD”). The effects of PTSD include severe flashbacks, extreme depression, high irritability, and erratic sleep schedules (“PTSD”). Studies show that twenty percent of soldiers will develop a variation of PTSD in their lifespan (“PTSD”).
PTSD evolved from the…
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