America 's Best And Brightest : New Market Research On Attracting And Retaining Early Childhood Professionals

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When I went to NAEYC conference, Nov 18-Nov 21, Orlando, Florida, I attended 4 session. One of them was “America’s Best and Brightest: New Market Research on Attracting and Retaining Early Childhood Professionals.” Because I lack English listening skills, I couldn’t understand whole contents. However, I came to know about ‘understanding the attitudes and beliefs of current educators about the profession’ and ‘identifying factors that will be most helpful in encouraging educators to make the field a long-term profession.’ I thought that these contents would be useful and helpful for our classmates, as well as me, in understanding “current preschool teacher in the United States.”

In addition, during week 8, October 11-18, we did not have any discussion about the teacher’s role, because it was time to submit the article analysis & critique assignment. Thus, I wondered about other people’ thoughts on the role of the teacher, especially in the United States, so it was a pity not to share them. However, this session in NAEYC was so helpful for me to understand the perceptives of early childhood educators, in the U.S. This is the reason why I am including the contents of NAEYC, in my learning stories, because it is such a valuable and meaningful event for me.

1. Voters view early childhood educators as an important job, as well as firefighters and nurses. It is an interesting conclusion. It means that there is a gap between importance and pay, because early childhood…
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