America 's Broken Education System

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While reading the piece, “Straight from the source: What works for fist-generation college students” I was somewhat conflicted. I applaud the state of Texas for taking steps in order to increase enrollment of first-generation students in higher education institutions, However, I feel like these steps aren’t addressing the bigger issue; that being the broken education system in America. Until this bigger issue is addressed and the problem is dealt with from the root, anything that is done will only be addressing the symptoms caused by the real problem which is America’s broken education system. Although, it is unfortunate that first-generation students are under represented in college and I commend Texas law makers for attempting to deal with the problem, it is too little and too late. If one takes a closer look at the College for Texans Campaign, it becomes apparent that the program does not do nearly enough. First of all, just consider the funding allocated for the campaign. According to the piece, the annual funding for the program was about $5 million; this included state, federal and private money. That may sound like a lot of money but considering that the goal of the campaign that amount doesn’t seem nearly sufficient. Consider that part of the money would be used to: design, build, and maintain a comprehensive website aimed at offering students information on preparing, applying, and paying for college; college enrollment workshops geared for high school seniors;
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