America 's Criminal Justice System

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Crime takes place all the time and it is America’s duty to ensure that these criminals are properly punished for their wrongdoings. With rehabilitation, one can not ensure that if given a second chance the criminal will not offend again. We need to confront crime with a proper punishment and that is where retribution comes in. With retribution society appears more secure and crimes of violence decrease. Since it is essential to control violence in society, retribution is essential. Retribution should undoubtedly be favored over rehabilitation in America’s criminal justice system because it enforces the law and ensures justice. Newman as a punishment for crime , “poor results Foundation work for other agencies to tackle crime.” Death leads to the front. Murder they are . Also open to allow them to better everyday in addition, the complex moral crime.

Retribution enforces the law by ensuring criminals take responsibility for their actions, regardless of how big or small their crimes are. Laws are rules and guidelines that are set up to govern behavior therefore they must be followed. According to the Disaster Center in the United States, nearly 9,795,658 crimes are committed yearly. Without enforcing the law by proper punishment these numbers can only grow, but with retribution the public is protected from growing crime rates. Also, Merriam Webster Dictionary defines retribution as “punishment imposed for wrongdoing.” If laws are broken, the criminal must be punished. The
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