America 's Current Economic State People Look For One Thing

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In America’s current economic state people look for one thing: convenience. The American lifestyle has evolved into a fast paced, overwhelming lifestyle with Americans looking to fulfill their needs through affordable and easily accessible means. There has been an increased popularity in fast food and convenience store establishments that provide quick and energizing products. It is the cheap and convenient way to purchase these foods that is slowly hindering the health of our country. The reason behind the low prices of such unhealthy options provided by fast food restaurants and convenience stores is attributed to the subsidizing of producers of companies making the junk food. These companies have contributed to the increase of health…show more content…
Junk food is the go-to food when watching a movie or on a road trip. However, the research done suggests that Americans are satisfying their cravings with healthier alternatives these days. The article including this research states, “A 10 percent increase in the price of soda was associated with a 7.12 percent decrease in calories consumed from it, while the same increase in the price of pizza led to an 11.5 percent drop” (Fiore 2010). The numbers calculated in the study demonstrate a steady decrease in the consumption of junk food and drink. The decrease in consumption leads to a decrease in the intake of unhealthy and unneeded calories and sugar which are causing various health issues. A study done concluded that “An 18 percent tax on junk food would result in a 56-calorie decline in total daily energy intake . . . that would translate to about five pounds per patient per year, along with significant reductions in the risks of most obesity-related chronic diseases” (Fiore, 2010). America is not the only country that has thought of implementing a tax on unhealthy products, “More and more countries are adopting fat taxes in an effort to curb rising obesity rates. Both Denmark and Hungary have introduced a fat tax or junk food tax, and France is taxing sweetened drinks” (Sifferlin, 2012). These taxations are strongly
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