America 's Declaration Of Independence

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Ever since the beginning of the “Land of the free and home of the brave”, America has held itself to a certain cluster of standards. The framework done by our founding fathers was not to form a country that would please the people in the beginning, but to be able to survive and thrive in the new upcoming and technological advancing world. Those standards that were so brilliantly written into the nation’s Declaration of Independence claimed that everyone was entitled to “certain unalienable rights” and these rights included “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (Jefferson). Today the American government has the job of living up to the standards it set in the declaration, but also the organization of how government…show more content…
(Sack) With this land they were to be able to do what they wanted without American government interference. So when the idea of repositioning the pipeline to travel through the Sioux tribe’s territory, it was seen to those of Sioux tribe and those well aware of their history, that this would be the government going back on a promise. Now that the problem of clashing ideals has been presented how does one review the situation the right way? In this case one must look back too what the ideas, beliefs, and precedents that the American country was founded upon. Some would say that if the construction took place that the government would be invalidating the Declaration of Independence, taking away the rights of Sioux nation to hold its land. To others who agree to the construction it might come down to, well doesn’t the federal government have the responsibility to do what is best for the country? Taking both of these into account, another reason this is seen as a bad government project is the “possibility of the oil damaging or poisoning the main water supply of the Sioux nation” (K., Adrienne). This is where the biggest reason for no construction comes into play, because most who are protesting are focused on the importance of water. As protesting goes on emotions build up which can result in a public revolt that
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