America 's Education Over The Course Of Time

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Introduction- Many people have impacted education over the course of time. In history it has taken outside thinking to change or break the mold of the current system set in place. Education is no exception to that rule. Education has changed in many different ways since it was first started. One of the ways education has evolved is how it impacts the society it is a part of. School today is seen as an institution that produces productive citizens for the society it is a part of. However, when education got its start it was simply to control unruly children and teach them how to obey the authority above them. It wasn’t until around the 1880’s and the 1920’s that things started to change. One of the key contributors to this change was John Dewey, a man who would change the course of education and change the way students were impacted during their time in school. Dewy said in his book The School and Society, “Whenever we have in mind the discussion of a new moment in education it is especially necessary to take the social, or broader view” (Dewey, 1915). Dewey was inspired to push further than any other before to better the education and the life of the students. Historical Overview- The Journal of Higher Education explains when Dewey’s work really began to take off. “Since 1920 the movement has been enormously accelerated in speed and expanded in coverage. The high schools began to feel the influence of the idea a few years ago, and now the colleges are becoming affected”
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