America 's Education System Of Linear Habits

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The education system of America has been founded on a system of linear habits. We study to learn, get answers, pass the test, and move on. Starting already with an end in mind, only to finish and complete with the “correct” answer. For years we have spent billions of dollars, countless hours, and an unbearable amount of energy into this linear system that still tends to leave children behind, teach to the middle range of students, hold back the faster paced students while dragging the lower ended students along. This methodology has sadly been forced upon the lives of Native American families, communities, tribes, and children. One horrific way that this has occurred is through boarding schools for Native American students. According to writer, Walter C. Fleming the first boarding school was founded on October 6, 1879 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania known as, Carlisle Indian Industrial School (Fleming, 2003). The founder, Captain Richard Henry Pratt, believed the pure goal for implementing the boarding school was to “Kill the Indian and save the man,” and that is exactly what they did (Fleming, 2003). America has taken actions and made legislation that doesn’t take in effect the values of the Native American people. Although we cannot erase the memories our country’s actions have scarred. We can learn, grow, and change our future. As future educators, one pivotal way we can enhance our students’ learning and growing experiences in the classroom is by creating a culturally
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