America 's Education System Systems

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As it may or may not be known, education systems around the world are all comparatively very different from each other. Because countries all have different beliefs, moralities, and cultures, this can have a drastic effect on their education systems and how it is unique to their region and/or country. For example, the UK education system is very different from the American education system. Over the past several decades schooling has developed more and more in other countries, such as Finland or Switzerland, and have changed for the better. Meanwhile the American education system has, for the most part stayed constant, worsening in some ways, and improving in others. This brings up the issue of, should America switch to a more…show more content…
In the last forty years or so, Finland’s education system has transformed for the better. In the last decade, Finland has remarkably improved in subjects such as math and reading. But what are they doing that is so different in Finland, than what is going on in the United States? Well, first off, the schools are smaller. Finland’s school system believes that having a close relationship with your students can help their work ethic, thus pushing them to succeed. For example, Kirkkojarvi, a school in Finland, has only about 30 teachers and about 240 students (hancock, paragraph 5). Secondly, standardized testing is something that happens in the United States that is not commonly performed in schools in Finland. Most students take one standardized test at be the end of their senior year of high school. Comparison and competition does not happen between the students, and there is not any ranking based on schools and their scores and how well the school did as a whole, something that schools in the United States do a lot of and that students are often used to. LynNell Hancock is an education reporter who specializes in children and family issues. She graduated from the University of Columbia where she now teaches as a professor in journalism. Hancock has the background and expertise to present the information and issues concerning education from around the world, such as Finland. She did extensive research by visiting schools in Finland and
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