America 's Educational System Must Improve Nationally By Removing Standardized Testing

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America’s educational system could improve nationally by removing standardized testing. American has recognized some of the flaws the education system has presented and chose to fix them; however, one of these problems has been standardized testing, which has not been identified nor changed. Standardized testing inflicts many problems to students that need to be fixed immediately. From inefficient teachers to poorer school systems, standardized testing needs to change because it deteriorates America’s education systems, it is an unfair disadvantage, and it cannot accurately measure a student’s amount of intelligence. One problem standardized testing imposes is that it cannot precisely measure a student’s amount of knowledge. With so many education systems and a number of teaching styles, there is no realistic way to cover the material every student has been learning. This leads to problems on the results of standardized tests. Swartz, of the National Center for Teaching Thinking said, “Most current U.S. standardized tests include only multiple-choice questions and provide no way for students to explain their thinking, So if a student answers (d) and that 's correct, it still raises the question, ‘Is he just guessing?’ And there 's no way to know,” (“Teaching Critical Thinking”). Standardized tests, especially multiple choice tests, are inefficient for measuring a student’s ability and knowledge. Clearly, multiple choice tests do not work. They cannot correctly determine how
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