America 's Educational System Of The United States

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Education, next to politics, is one of the most debated topics in America. More people than ever are attending college because there is a stigma that one has to get a Bachelor’s degree in order to get a good job. People over the last few decades have begun to realize that in order for one to be successful in life they must achieve a higher education, but at the same time people are pondering the question of whether or not America’s educational system is up to par. In a recent study the United States was labeled “average” by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (U.S. Falls In World Education Ranking). It is an international ranking system that rates 35 countries educational system, and the United States was not ranked in the top ten in any of the categories of science, math or reading. The United States weakest subject was in math where the ranked 25th which is “below average” (U.S. Falls In World Education Ranking). It is shocking to realize that the country seen as the most powerful nation in the world has such short-comings in their educational system. It seems as if other countries are surpassing the United States in education, as America tries to figure out their education dilemmas. Schools are often to blame for a poor education, but teachers take the brunt of the fall because they are the representatives of the school. A teacher can only do so much to motivate a child, and that is when a parent should step in to instill the importance of…
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