America 's Embrace Of Islamophobia

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Islamophobia in America Imagine being hated for your skin color or the way you worship God. Imagine that you live in a world where people persecute you for a crime that you did not commit. For many people, a life that we cannot even begin to fathom is their reality. Millions of believers of Islam and people of Middle Eastern origin are unjustly stereotyped, harassed, and killed over the belief that they are evil. Innocent men, women, and children are held to this type of prejudice in the United States for their faith being wrongly used by extremists. In America, we pride ourselves on being the “Land of Opportunity”, yet many Muslim-Americans are denied that very thing. The subliminal racism that we have towards Muslims because of these radicals prevents us from moving forward as a nation and as human beings. America’s embrace of Islamophobia is more prominent than ever and we need to stop it now. While it is impossible to pinpoint the exact time in history in which Muslims have been outcasted, we do know that it has been like this for a very long time. As humans, we hate anything or anyone that is different to us. Of course, this is a primitive instinct that has kept the species alive for so long, but is that an excuse for our obvious prejudice? We fail to see that those who hold different beliefs and customs to our own actually share the same ethics and morals. Like Christianity, Islam preaches peace and charity and like Hinduism, Islam preaches kindness and honesty.
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